Sylt - the top of Germany - for body and soul


Sylt, North Friesland (Nordfriesland) is the western coastal area of Schleswig-Holstein up into Denmark. Here, off the beaten track lies the island of Sylt. Known for its fresh sea air, spa facilities and water sports. Sylt is special, Sylt is unique- let us show you our Sylt.

Sylt is with its 95 square kilometers the largest of the the North Frisian Islands. Situated 11 km away from the main land in the North Sea, it is a 38 km long paradise. Fine sand beaches, dunes splendid colourful meadows, blooming heather and the magnificent views over the seemingly never ending North Sea-that is Sylt, for body and soul.

Sylt is special,it is unique, but never monotonous. What is so special about an island in the North Sea, you might ask.
Follow me, let me show you the secret of our Sylt and give you a tiny taste of it, but hush!- it is a treasure, waiting to be discovered by you.

The journal »Savoir Vivre« has given some ideas on where to start:

[-] Westerland for all those who want to be at the pulse of the action who like to see and be seen but also look for peace and relaxation.
[-] List for those who want to get away from it all, those who need space to breathe, nature and a relaxed traditional harbour athmosphere.
[-] Wenningstedt-Braderup for all those looking for comfortable island holiday, romantic but at the same time as familiar as at home, quiet but never too far from the bustling island town.
[-] Sylt-East: for all those longing for a rural athmosphere with farms, meadows and fields and always remain close to the Wattenmeer.
[-] Rantum for those who need the sea, a breezing exciting surf on one side, endless sand flats on the other.
[-] Hörnum: for those longing for their very own Sylt, the North Sea dunes, the surf and accomodation close to the beach, the harbour and the light tower.
[-] Kampen for those who enjoy the sophisticated savoir vivre in the midst of sea and heather.


The sea, dunes, miles and miles of sandy beaches: that is List. Secluded, breezy, refreshing, take a plunge in List. At the far north of Sylt you'll find this treasure.

List is: shifting sand dune, open sea unique and fascinating landscape, colourful harbour, athmosphere and you in the midst of it all.

Here you arrive on Sylt when taking the car ferry from the neighbouring Danish island of Rom, a wonderful way of getting into the Sylt mood. But List offers a great variety of activities: be it extensive walks or sportly bicycle tours to the Ellenbogen, a fascinating nature reserve, visits to the Königshafen to watch the colourful fishing boats.

The west coast invites for swims and the mile long beach offers space for all sunseekers: families, nudists, the lot. It is the ideal children's paradise :swimming, beach activities-here everybody will find a personal beach adventure.

Accomodation is family friendly, the restaurant cater for all tastes and the private spa centres offers a wide range of facilities and the cure treatments: massages, thermal exercises, inhalations, beach gymnastics-you name it.

One of Sylt's best kept secrets is the beach sauna. To get there, take the road to Ellenbogen. When you have boiled yourself in the sauna, the idea is to run naked into the chilly North Sea - heaven.
[typical sylt beachchair]

List with a population of 2.800 offers accomodation for 2.700 guests. The Kurverwaltung (spa administration) can assist with information brochures, and also with advance booking of accomodation and the beach baskets (a very typical German beach chair- that must be tried):



Before you the endless North Sea, rolling onto a 7 km long sandy beach: behind you the capital of the island: Westerland.

Westerland is the largest town of the island and offers all that you expect from a cosmopolitan spa resort. Sophisticated shopping, restaurants for every taste bud, rustic pubs, cosy cafes and, of course the small »Imbiß« where you can eat fish straight from the sea. This is where one meets, where one comes to be spoiled.

Westerland is the heart-beat of the island: events for all, night clubs, theatre, concerts, cinema plays, traditional local evenings and dance balls.But of course wherever you are on Sylt you are never far from the sea. Stroll along the promenade, onto the wide, sandy beach, a playground for young and old. Watch the play of the waves from a beach basket and inhale the fresh sea air while enjoying your holiday reading. 4.000 beach baskets are waiting for you on the 7 km long beach. Recharge your batteries while walking or cycling along the many secluded paths or take in the sophisticated cure facilities on offer in Westerland.

The new leisure pool »Sylter Welle« with artificial waves, massage and whirpool areas, the sophisticated sauna landscape and a relaxation area invite you to get away from it all. Come here to regenerate and be spoiled, to soothe your body and relax your soul.

The spa facilities are open all year round, and even in winter you find taking in treatments and pampering your body a worthwhile experience. Westerland offers something for everybody: shopping trips to modern boutiques, swimming pools of all kinds, spa and sport facilities for all tastes and the famous Westerland casino, where you can relax over a game of Roulette, Blackjack or the many fruit machines. Westerland with a population of approx. 10.000 offers holiday accomodation for 23.700 guests in various kinds of hotels, guests-houses, private homes or holiday flats. Information brochures can be obtained from:

Kampen is contrasts.It is the meeting ground of the rich and beautiful, but also unrivalled natural beauty and simplicity.Experience the individual Kampen, the beauty of the Frisian architecture, the thatched houses, secluded walk ways, extraordinary nature coupled with international designer boutiques, art galleries, exclusive restaurants, and relaxed bistros.

Kampen is pure individuality-a harmonious coexistance of pure activity and pure nature, the cosmopolitian flair and the rural idyll all combined in Kampen, the unique.Situated between the steep cliffs and the heather moors ,the pure beauty of the landscape fascinates everybody who comes - the recuperative energies that this idyll generates, not only in summer but in all seasons, makes one want to come back for more-more of Kampen.Swimming in the refreshing surf, horse riding along the deserted beaches, walking into the vast landscape of the Wattenmeer, improving your handicap at golf, afterwards meeting in one of the many restaurants, bistros and cafes to warm up the spirits and to enjoy life at its purest-that is Kampen.You will not want to leave-and if you do-you'll be back.The small population of approx.600 caters for up to 2.300 guests. Kampen offers all: from the excitement of the Kampen Jazz Festival and the Musik-Summer, to various sporting activities and endless beaches for all (nudists, families and even dogs).Information brochures can be obtained from the Kurverwaltung where you can also pre-book your accomodation and the obligatory beach basket:

The most northernly German seaside spa resort, Wenningstedt, lies between the Red and the White Cliffs, between the surf of the North Sea and the calmness of the Wattenmeer.The old centre of town, filled with thatched houses surrounding the idyllic village pond, is home of sophisticated spa facilities.Everything a tired body longs for: swimming, tennis, table tennis, horse riding, beach gymnastics, mini-golf, cycling and walking plus modern cure facilities for young and old - this is Wenningstedt. The spa facilities are open all year round. Miles and miles of beaches catering for all, nudists, traditionalists, and even dogs. Wenningstedt is a family resort at all. Kids are in good hands with a plentitude of fun opportunities, while the grown-ups meet at events organised by the Kurverwaltung.And here is plenty to see as well- nature and culture lovers will enjoy a visit of the 7.000 year old megalithic burrial ground or simply stroll along the nature reserve »Braderuper Heide« . But most of all-Wenningstedt is peaceful relaxation, a place where you'll come to refresh your senses.With a population of approx. 1.500, Wenningstedt offers accomodation for 8.000 guests.The Kurverwaltung assists with information brochures, the advanced booking of camping facilities and beach chairs:

On the south side of the island, in between the surf of the North Sea and the extensive Wattenmeer, here at the narrowest point of Sylt lies Rantum.This cosy, small village with thatched houses, authentic hotels and guests houses hidden by a fascinating dune landscape, is the ideal family resort. Those in need for relaxation will find it while enjoying long walks or bicycle tours. The beach offers freedom for all and the events organised by the Kurhaus: painting classes, concerts, slide shows, theatre, dances, and kids entertainment will leave you no time to get bored.Beaches as far as the eye can see especially the nudist beaches »Samoa« and »Sansibar« promisingly called, are a heaven for sunseekers.Rantum is quiet and relaxed with a population of approx.500 and beds for 2.700 guests. No wonder that right here you'll find the source of the Sylt mineral water. A well balanced mix of minerals and trace elements - to be tasted here at the Drink- Hall.Information brochures, pre-booking of accomodation and beach baskets can be done through:

Here in the far south of the island meet: the surf of the North Sea in the west, the calmness of the Wattenmeer in the east and the mile long beach in the south. Here lies the seaside spa resort of Hörnum.Hörnum, awarded for its family friendly facilities in 1990 by the German Ministry of Youth, Family and Health, lives up to these standards. Family friendly accomodation, comfortable holiday homes, cosy hotels and restaurants catering for all tastes are to be found here. The overwhelming landscape for long guided nature walks in the dunes and the Wattenmeer. The miles of beaches for nudists, traditionalists and even dogs, call for a dip in the refreshing North Sea, and the sporting facilities invite the sporting enthusiasts: sailing, surfing, volley ball, beach tennis and heated swimming-pools, saunas and sunbeds.The port of Hörnum with its manyfold crab trawlers, sailing and fishing boats is the ideal backdrop for a relaxed excursion or shopping trip. Embedded in the extensive dune landscape lies the camping ground of Hörnum.Information brochures can be obtained from and advanced booking of accomodation and beach baskets can be done through:

Sylt-East: the villages of Archsum, Keitum, Morsum, Munkmarsch and Tinnum or easier: the green lung of Sylt Here you have the contrast to the overwhelming sea. The historic and romantic facets and the authentic charm of the rural villages merge with the ever present nature. Tour de Nature - that is Sylt-East.

A r c h s u m, the smallest and quietest village on the island is characterised by its rural charm. The Frisian customs and the traditional way of life is ever so present here. City-dweller find this the ideal place to recharge their batteries and it promises pure fun for kids. The Holiday Service at Archsum supplies information material and assists with pre-booking of accomodation:

M o r s u m is the place for the classical Sylt vacation.The traditional Frisian village is surrounded by meadows, dykes, marshes, fields and heather. Long walks through nature and visits of the Morsum Cliff, to admire 10 mio. years of natural history, make an everlasting impression of the natural Sylt. This is holiday from the first day onwards and it is a holiday for the family, where every member of it will find his/her niche.The Kurverwaltung assists with information and advanced bookings:


Situated in a picturesque bay, directly on the Wattenmeer, this is M u n k m a r s c h. A secret treasure for all those sailing and surfing enthusiasts. Here many have taken their first lesson on board a sailing boat and many will in future. If you a are not so keen on the water element, what better way to enjoy the beautiful landscape than on a back of a horse, riding along the mile long beach.For information contact the Kurverwaltung Keitum.Nobody will be able to resist K e i t u m, the pearl of the Wattenmeer, the green heart of the island Sylt.The idyllic charm of the village, pride and romanticism, thatched houses, art and traditional culture, all merge in Keitum in perfect harmony. Strolling along the picturesque narrow streets, passing pottery workshops, lushious gardens, traditional old captain houses and the ever present sea breeze - this is Keitum, a feast for the senses.For information packs and pre-booking of accomodation contact:

T i n n u m, adjoining Westerland, is a popular family resort with many private holiday homes and appartments. Here you can find the largest bird sanctuary in Germany and the historical Tinnumburg. Tinnum offers activity for all the family: from beach and sporting activities, over long walks along the Rantum dunes and the second oldest remaining house on Sylt, to shopping trips to the town centre.
For information contact:

How to get to Sylt

  • By train Sylt is connected to the main train service in Germany. Westerland is the final destination of many national and international train services. The train is the fastest and most comfortable way of getting there. You will reach Sylt via the 12 km long Hindenburgdamm. For information on German train services (Deutsche Bundesbahn) see timetable DB No 130 or klick here.
  • By car Sylt is aiming to be a carless destination and arriving by car might prove a bit more complicated as the Hindenburgdamm is only used by trains.
    You reach Sylt by driving from Hamburg to Niebüll via Rendsburg and Flensburg on the A 7 or via Heide and Husum along the west coast. In Niebüll or Klanxbüll you will either need to take the train to Sylt, leaving your car parked on the main land, or use the car train service from Niebüll to Sylt. departure times
  • By plane The airport Westerland has two main runways of 2.113 meter and 1.698 meter length. The pilot is given every possible help and assistance by our qualified staff and the special control-zone in summer ensures safe take-off and landing due to our traffic control operators. For information contact the Flughafen Sylt GmbH (+49) 4651-920612 departure times
  • By ferry Sylt can be reached by car ferry from the neighbouring Danish island of Rom (Havneby). The crossing on modern lines through the Wattenmeer takes 50 minutes. Dogs and cats need valid vaccination certificates. For information and reservation contact:
    25992 List/ Sylt or Kllebryggen,Havneby/ Rom
    departure times

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